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Please note on extremely busy nights we will close early if we run out of bread. Please call or check our social media as this is where we will post an early closure. 

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50 Forsyth Street 

Boston, MA 02115


Family owned and operated for over 25 years


Chicken Lou's began with canteen trucks, which owner Lou Ferretti offered in the Northeastern University area back in 1978 while his son David was attending Northeastern.  In 1990, the more permanent structure was born, and we have been serving the Boston community ever since.  Lou passed away in 2000, passing the Chicken Lou's legacy to his family. Over the years, more than 3 of Lou’s children, 7 grandkids, and several extended family members have worked at Lou’s. 


Chicken Dave, Lou’s son, began his career as an engineer with Raytheon for 15 years but joined his dad at the shop in 1995.  The Ferretti family works together cooking, serving and concocting new fare every day.  Dave and daughter Amberle work the day, while daughter Gerry keeps it going into the evening hours.   


Being born and raised New Englanders we are avid New England sports fans (even though Lou may or may not have secretly rooted for the Yankees), quick witted, and truly enjoy what we do.  Be prepared for the typical "Who's next?  I'm listening!" being shouted by Dave during a rush, a cheerful hello by Gerry, and a lot of crap if you walk in with any other football gear but the New England Patriots.  We like to have fun at work, and typically engage our customers to do the same!  We won't lie, we are horrible with names, but consider you have made it if we have your order memorized! 


We appreciate everyone who has visited us (some 3 times a day, you know who you are!) and kept us going for over 25 years.  We strive to bring you good food and plenty of it, at a reasonable price, every day! The sarcasm is free! 


The only thing left to be said is; if you walk by our little red and gray shack everyday and have yet to try us, what are you waiting for? 



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